Gajar Ka Halwa (Indian Carrot Pudding)

Carrot Halwa is commonly known as Gajar ka Halwa in India & is a popular sweet dish that is usual served at home & for weddings. I have chosen the easier method to make this which is by pressure cooking the carrots - it saves time & helps reduce energy consumption. The process takes about 40 minutes & the quantity serves 4.

Gajar Ka Halwa

You Need:
1. Wash, peel & grate carrots, add milk & pressure cook them for about 15mins.
2. In a thick bottomed kadai heat ghee & add the cashewnuts & roast them a bit. 
3. Add the carrot & milk mixture and the sugar & reduce flame to low.
4. Cook the halwa on low flame, stirring every now & then & taking care to see that it doesnt stick to the pan. Add the cardamom powder & stir it in.
5. When the ghee leaves the sides & the colour changes to deep orange your halwa is ready.
6. Garnish with cashewnuts (optional) and serve hot

 Note: Sugar 180gms is approx 25 teaspoons. Since i prefer my halwa mildly sweet i measured it to 180gms, if you prefer it sweeter you can increase this quantity to upto 250gms.

Serving Suggestion: Carrot Halwa tastes best if served hot along with vanilla ice cream. In this case it is suggested to retain mild sweetness in the halwa otherwise this combo dessert not only becomes too sweet but is also a bit hard on the digestive system (this tip is only for the health concious!)