Mango Truffle Cake

I always wanted to bake a chocolate cake & after much hunting I found the recipe for the double chocolate fudge cake on which is easy to make & requires common kitchen ingredients. You must visit her site cuz the recipes are just too good! Plus the pictures are amazing & really get u hungry while you simply stare at them :) I am a big fan of purplefoodie so please do visit the website.
Coming back to this amazing chocolate cake - its a simple recipe which does not require too much time or expensive stuff. No slaving over the frosting or ganache by trying to make everything from scratch. Delicious & serves the purpose especially if you want to present a fancy dessert to your guests who drop in on short notice. Preparation time takes an hour and half including baking time. This cake is a fusion of two different cake ideas and it was a big hit. I tried it with a seasonal fruit which is Mango, but you can skip the fruit if your taste buds crave nothing but pure chocolate!

Mango Truffle Cake
You Need:
For the glaze:
For the Mango filling:
For the decoration:

1. In a small bowl pour the hot milk over the semisweet chocolate and stir till the chocolate has melted
2. Sift 2-3 times - the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt & cocoa
3. In a large bowl beat the egg for about 1minute and add the oil, yogurt and vanilla and blend well
4. Add milk and chocolate mixture and blend well
5. Add the flour mixture and fold
6.Grease and dust (with flour) a 8" or 9" cake tin and pour the batter in it
7. Preheat oven tp 175 degrees and bake for 45-50mins or till the cake tester comes clean
8. Remove and cool on a wire rack
9. Horizontally cut the cake and separate the two halves
10.In a double boiler melt the chocolate to be used as glazing
11.On the first half apply a layer of melted chocolate and spread the finely chopped mango evenly
12.Place the top half of the cake & glaze it with the remaining chocolate
13.Decorate with mango wedges, chill & serve

Note: The choice of chocolate that you use (brand & taste) will determine how rich your cake tastes. You can alter the richness by using less sweet or dark chocolate. The rest of the ingredients remain the same.

Recipe Source for the truffle cake: & assembling idea from Tarla Dalal's book on Chocolate Desserts

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