Special Cheese Omlette with Spring Onions & Olives

Special Cheese Omlette with Spring Onions & Olives
Serves 2 hungry people :)

You Need:


1. In a bowl, beat the 4 eggs and whisk them well.
2. Add white pepper and Rosemary and whisk a little & divide the mixture into two portions
3. Combine the chopped ingredients - spring onions, greens, tomato, ginger, green chillies, olives or bell peppers and set aside. Divide into two portions
4. Heat some oil in a non-stick pan and when it is really hot pour a portion of egg mixture and wait for about ten seconds for it to set and form a base. Reduce flame immediately to sim (very slow fire)
5. Sprinkle the combined ingredients, half the portion of shredded cheese & 1 tbsp of coriander+mint garnish evenly over the egg base
6. Slowly fold one side of the omlette and then the other as shown in the picture below. The slow fire ensure that you get a beautiful golden brown base.
7. Flip over the omlette (optional) in order to cook the eggs well.
8. Serve hot & enjoy!!

Note: Even after flipping the inside of the omlette will remain a little gooey. This is just the melted cheese!