Dukramasaso Saladh (Pork Salad)

My mother-in-law (Mamma) who is one of the very good cooks I am related to (besides my darling mom ofcourse) introduced me to some delicious Mangalorean fare during my several trips to Mangalore. One such dish which can be put together in a jiffy as a 'sakne' (accompaniment to alcoholic drinks) is the Pork Salad.
I have not tasted this dish anywhere else and I dont think I ever need to as I am sure that Mamma's version is undoubtedly the best. This recipe is one of the few that I collected during my recent trip to Mangalore - most of which were prepared for the Christmas day feast at home. Pork being one of the most favourite delicacies that appeal to most Mangalorean palates, this crunchy-munchy-sour-spicy baby is quite tantalizing - Try this along with some hard liquor!

Dukramasaso Saladh

Recipe Source: My mum-in-law

You Need:

1. Slice the pre-cooked pork into thin pieces (do not shred it too fine or else the fat will turn too chewy - but cut it thinner than the normal cubes that you cut for the regular Pork Bafat dish)
2. Heat the oil & fry the pork lightly
3. Remove from heat & when it has cooled down a bit mix all the chopped ingredients, salt & vinegar well
4. Serve & enjoy this crunchy dish!

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