Soup with Cheese, Salami & Mixed Veggies

A bowl of hot soup is my comfort food. When I am too full to eat a full meal or want to diet a bit & avoid the carbs I turn to soups & one can get real creative with soups - especially if you have a well stocked fridge with an assortment of veggies. I usually keep the basic vegetables like carrots, potatoes, french beans & peas handy round the year, so I can make something in a jiffy. This recipe is nutritious and healthy and turns out yummy enough for my brat to get some veggies inside his lil tummy :)

Soup with Cheese, Salami & Mixed Veggies

Serves: 2-3

You Need:

1. Pressure cook the vegetables in sufficient water for about 1 whistle
2. In a wok or pan heat 1 tbsp olive oil and fry the onion till golden brown. Add the spring onion and fry for about a minute
3. Add the ginger paste and pepper powder & saute
4. Add the cooked veggies and the stock water and bring to a boil
5. Add the cheese cube and stir until disolved and lower the flame
6. Add salami and cook for two minutes.
7. Serve hot with bread

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