Sweet Oatmeal & Wheat Pancakes

Tried my hand at another healthy breakfast option by Tarla Dalal. I have decided to try at least 90% of the recipes from each book I own (this will help me slow down a bit when it comes to purchasing cook books at random!). Maybe I should dedicate 2011 to healthy cooking. I have indulged the whole of Jan in cooking/eating out lip smacking delicious (but not importantly healthy) food. The effect has already begun to form on my waistline & cheeks :-(. Maybe the festivities are the culprit (or just a lame excuse). Now on, I am back to eating home cooked, nutritious meals starting with power packed breakfasts. This particular recipe was always ignored cuz I dont really like my breakfasts to start on a sweet note, but it's worth a try. The outcome wasnt as sweet as I expected. I am going to try this sometime soon.

Sweet Oatmeal &Wheat Pancakes

Recipe Source: Healthy Breakfast by Tarla Dalal
Makes 6 pancakes

You Need:

1. Mix all ingredients (except the fruit salt & oil) to make a smooth batter
2. Add the fruit salt & stir well. Set aside for 2minutes
3. Heat a griddle/tawa and grease it with some oil
4. Spread a ladle full of batter in the centre with a circular motion 
5. Cover & cook until golden brown on both sides
6. Serve hot with honey & orange segments (I only used honey)

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