French Toast

After much contemplation I decided to publish this post. It's not like there's a real recipe for French Toast - everyone knows how to make it. It's almost like teaching people how to boil water, isn't it? Well, I was thinking on these lines when I realised that it had been at least 20 years since I had actually bitten into a French Toast. Not really sure how many people actually make it anymore since there's a fast food joint round the corner to satiate your 4pm hunger. My mum used to make it very often as an evening snack for us to eat when we returned from school. I can never forget that 4.30pm snack with a cuppa hot coffee. These mildly spiced sweet slices of bread dipped in egg were one of the ideal, 'nutritious' and filling snacks of our times. Almost every mum made them at least once a week or two. While some people used to have it for breakfast, it was an evening snack in our house.

Yesterday when my little son told me that he wanted a snack in the evening, I thought it was better to introduce this snack to him rather than reach out for a pack of biscuits. It's the best kind of snack if you want to get the goodness of Milk & Egg to reach a little tummy. The French Toast looks great with white bread, but you can always add some nutrition back into it by using brown/multigrain bread. I have used egg whites as it eliminiates the 'eggy' smell which yolks impart. The nutmeg can be skipped if you dont like it, replace it with cinnamon if you like, but I prefer a dash of nutmeg as it gives this truly divine flavour & fragrance to the toast.

French Toast
(Printable Recipe)

Recipe Source: My mum
Serves: 2
You Need:
1. Mix the sugar and nutmeg powder into the milk and place in in a flat wide bowl. Beat the egg whites & place them in another flat bowl.
2. Heat a frying pan and grease it with ghee.
3. Dip each slice of bread well in the milk first and then the egg whites and place them on the frying pan.
4. Fry well on both sides till golden brown
7. Serve hot

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