Soya Chunks Curry

It's Blog Hop Wednesday once more and I am amazed at how time flies these days - yeah, I say 'these days' because I was absolutely certain that once my son started school I would have the whole morning to myself to spend it as and how I wished. But I was so wrong! I have crammed up my mornings with a whole bunch of things to do which require an active brain to do all the thinking, analysing & planning that it leaves me no time for anything else. I have to literally follow a strict time table each day in order to accomplish & strike off the tasks on my To-Do list. Which is why I guess the days roll by so quickly and before I know it, it's the weekend and that passes by ever so quickly and what do you have? Another Wednesday! But then, I am not complaining as every alternate Wednesday I participate in the Blog Hop Wednesdays - an event hosted by Radhika of Tickling Palates. Participating bloggers are paired with each other and have to try a recipe from each other's blogs. This is my fourth blog hop out of five and I am enjoying them thoroughly

Like I mentioned in the previous Blog Hops where I tried Aate Ka Halwa, Methi Pulao and Crispy Rice Stuffed Croquettes from different blogs, Blog Hopping has given me the opportunity to break myself from hum drum cooking and try out new things which I may never have tried before. I see myself incorporating a lot of vegetarian recipes in my meal plans as I have collected a treasure trove of vegetarian recipes from these Blog Hop events.

Pic Above: Soya Chunks Curry served with Tomato Rice (Recipe to follow)

When I Blog Hop I usually bookmark recipes that I have either never eaten before or those that make use of ingredients that I have never had the opportunity or the inclination to use in my cooking. This brings me to the main ingredient in today's post - Soya. A few years ago, I fled at the mention of Soya in my food. Honestly, I don't even recall where I ate it, I do remember that I ate it a long long time ago and never took to liking it much. A couple of years ago, I decided to introduce all such foods shunned earlier by R & me into our diets. Maybe marriage & motherhood does that to us women, we suddenly want to eat & feed healthier things to our families knowing that their health is in our hands. I tried Soya Granules Sabzi from Sanjeev Kapoor's Khazaana of Indian Recipes and R & I loved it so much that I make it every so often for breakfast as an accompaniment to chapathis.

Since I had never tried my hand at cooking Soya chunks, I was delighted to find the recipe in my blog hop partner for this week - Nisha's blog Nisha's Kitchen. They say Soya in it's chunky form is to a vegetarian what chicken or mutton is to a non vegetarian. I could never believe that the chunks actually tasted like meat until I tried it myself. I guess the secret in making Soya chunks taste like a non vegetarian dish is adequate soaking of the chunks in warm salted water and of course the blend of spices in the masala. 

Soya chunks can be cooked in a variety of things, whether it's a pulao, a gravy or a dry dish. I made this dish in a semi gravy form, but didn't add all the gravy into the bowls while clicking the pictures as I didn't want to drown the chunks in it! So yeah, it looks like a dryish dish. 

Soya Chunks Curry
Serves: 2-3
You Need:
For garnishing
1. Wash the soya chunks and soak them for 15 minutes in a bowl of hot water mixed with 1/4 tsp turmeric powder & salt to taste. Pressure cook the chunks in the soaked water for about 2-3 whistles. Keep aside.
2. Heat the oil in a wok or pan and fry the onions till translucent. Toss in the ginger garlic paste & fry for a minute. Add the chilli & coriander powders and mix well. Add the chopped tomatoes, mix, cover & cook on a very slow flame till the oil starts to separate and tomato is well cooked.
3. Add the precooked soya chunks and 1/2 cup of water (you can use the water from the pressure cooker), garam masala and a few chopped coriander leaves. Check salt to taste. Simmer & cook for another 5-7 minutes, ensuring that all the water doesnt dry up.
4. Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with rice or chapathis

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