Egg Coconut Curry

Eggs are a wonderful way to transform a boring weekday lunch into something delightful. Known for their versatility they can add some panache to your menu whether you plan to have them for breakfast or lunch or in some baked goodies, sweets or savouries. Having half a dozen of them sitting patiently in the fridge is a blessing in disguise for me especially because most times I turn to them when I run out of ideas to rustle up a quick breakfast or  lunch or even when I fancy baking something on a whim (especially those bookmarked cake recipes that make me droooool!!)

Egg curry is almost a weekly staple in my house - quick to make and delicious when accompanied by rice. R loves egg curries with a thick coconut base and especially if there's a chunky potato to give the egg some company. Well, my taste differs a bit - I like egg Roce (coconut milk) curries - delicately flavoured and lighter (in texture) as compared to the thicker versions. But since R is not such a fan of Roce based curries, I have to make do with other varieties. Sigh! So while I go in search of more egg curry recipes, why don't you try this one? It's a nice recipe shared by my family friend Jenifer who has been kind enough to have shared many a good recipe with me. (categorised as Protestant Cuisine and some continental fare too such as Hummus, Lasagne, Chicken Roast)

Hope you enjoy making & eating this simple egg curry as much as I did!

Egg Coconut Curry
You Need:

For the tempering
Hard boiling the eggs:
1.) Place the eggs in a deep pan filled with plain water (enough to cover the eggs) and bring the water to a rolling boil. Continue to boil for 12 minutes.
2.) Turn off the flame, transfer the eggs into fresh water at room temperature and when cool enough to handle, peel off the shells carefully.
3.) Slit each egg vertically just halfway into the egg. Keep aside. Click here to see some tips on how to boil eggs

Preparing the masala
1.) Heat some oil in a wok or non stick pan and roast the coconut for a couple of minutes before adding the roughly sliced onion and poppy seeds. Toast the ingredients on a slow flame until you get a nice aroma of roasted coconut & the colour changes to pale brown (biscuit colour).
2.) Toss in the bafat powder and garam masala and give the mixture a stir and turn off the flame. Allow to cool.
3.) Once cooled, use a little water to grind the toasted coconut mixture, tamarind, ginger, garlic & salt to taste to a fine paste.

Preparing the curry
1.) Heat oil for seasoning in a pan and toss in the curry leaves and the finely sliced onion and fry till the onion turns golden brown.
2.) Add the ground masala paste and fry for a couple of minutes on sim. Add water from the mixer jar and additional water if required to arrive at a thick gravy like consistency. Bring the gravy to a full boil.
3.) Add the potatoes and cook on sim for 3-4 minutes till the potatoes are cooked after which you can add the semi slit hard boiled eggs and simmer for a couple of minutes.
4. Turn off the flame & serve hot with rice

Add the garam masala powder only if you are using plain chilli powder or bafat powder without the garam masala added to it. The Bafat powder recipe link I have provided above is for Bafat minus the garam masala, hence I have mentioned 1/2 tsp separately.

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