Simple Chicken & Mayo Sandwich - Anytime Sandwich

I think a snack recipe was long overdue. I am sure many of you are tired of seeing a string of non-vegetarian recipes on my blog. Well, that's because recently I held a poll on my Facebook page asking readers what kind of recipe they wished to see next and the recipes have been appearing in the order of the maximum number of votes received. Well, don't blame them - the choices I gave were all non-vegetarian :P

Whattodo? We are hard core non-vegetarians you see, but fret not my veggie friends, a few vegetarian recipes have been duly tested in the lab of yours truly and soon I will be rolling out veggie recipes one by one. For now, its the recipe of a simple sandwich I keep making so often that I am wondering why I never thought of posting it before! Not having any pictures can be one reason - the sandwiches simply disappear before I can click any!

This is a very simple no nonsense kind of a chicken spread that you can modify and get creative with. If you wish you can replace mayonnaise with cheese spread (with less salt) or you can blend the two with some salad dressing. It is something that tiny tots will love to see in their lunch boxes and bachelors will love to make when they are hard pressed for time (or simply bored). You can make this spread and refrigerate it for  up to 2 days.

Simple Chicken & Mayo Sandwich
Prep time: 10-12mins

You Need:
For the Chicken & Mayo Spread
1. Wash and drain the chicken - cut into thin strips and boil with some salt and pepper till the pieces are tender. Remove from fire, allow to cool and shred the pieces. Transfer to a wide bowl
2. Add the rest of the ingredients for the spread and mix well.
3. Lightly toast the bread slices if you like and cut each slice diagonally into two. Spread about 2 tbsp of the prepared mixture on each triangle. Place lettuce leaves on top and place one triangle over the other.
4. Using a bread knife carefully slice off the hard edges of the bread and serve plain or with tomato ketchup

Instead of multi grain bread you may use any kind of sandwich bread
While assembling the sandwich you may use tomato, cucumber or olive slices if you like. Get creative!
If you don't have spring onions, skip it. The sandwich tastes just as great without the onions. You can use finely chopped jalapeno peppers if you like instead but avoid using regular onions if you intend to eat the sandwich after a while as it may emit a strong odour.

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