Spiced Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Lost and found! That would be the best way to describe this post. Although I am not one of those people who keep losing things, I somehow lost the little piece of paper I had made notes on when I made this cake last year. Yup! I was too lazy to search for this piece of paper which I knew was safely tucked away in one of my recipe files. Alas! When I finally got around to editing the pictures, I couldn't find the recipe, so back it went into the drafts. I can be really disorganized when it comes to my recipe collection - the zillions of recipes that I cut out from magazines and newspapers just get shoved into this large file and I always intend to make separate sections for different kinds of recipes so its easier to find them when I intend to cook something specific.

Anyway, today I was actually sorting out my computer table drawer when I found this recipe and I had to post it right away, even though Halloween is a few weeks away and it would have been so apt to post it during the season. But then, its not a tradition that we follow in India anyway. 

I made this cake at a time when I was obsessed with baking cakes that substituted butter with oil and also had some healthy stuff a.k.a vegetables thrown in. When I found this recipe on Shawn's Plate I was very keen to make it, so I halved the ingredients and skipped the glaze and whipped cream that I bet would have made it really decadent and sinfully delicious. Sadly there are no takers for fancy cakes in my house. It is tea cakes/sponge cakes or nothing. I was quite pleased with the results and I am sure you will like it too.

Spiced Pumpkin Bundt Cake
Prep time: 15mins | Bake time: 50mins | Yield: 12 medium sized servings/slices

You Need:
1. Grease a 10" bundt pan well and dust it with a little flour. Preheat oven at 175 C/350F for 10mins (if using an OTG with no preheating option).
2. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt 2-3 times. Keep aside.
3. In a large mixing bowl, mix sugar and oil, add one egg at a time and beat well. Add the pumpkin puree, spices and mix well.
4. Add the flour in 2-3 parts, mixing between additions. Add the vanilla extract and fold to incorporate.
5. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for 40minutes, thereafter reduce the heat to 165C/325F and continue to bake for 10minutes.
6. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 10minutes before inverting onto a wire rack.
7. Serve warm with tea or coffee.

I substituted the pumpkin pie spice with mixed spice used for Christmas/plum cakes. If you are using mixed spice you can skip the nutmeg & all spice powders as the mixed spice powder contains these.

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