Basic Coconut Chutney

Pan polay ani chetni (Rice crepes/Neer Dosa & Coconut Chutney) is probably the most popular and humblest on the Mangalorean breakfast menu. Since I completely love a hearty breakfast I prefer to have a typical South Indian breakfast and the Neer Dosa makes it to the breakfast table almost every week.

Among the host of chutneys that South Indians can rustle up in a jiffy, the coconut chutney seems to be the most common one. Just a blend of freshly grated coconut, chillies, tamarind/raw mango/lime juice, onion and ginger makes for a delicious accompaniment to a variety of idlis or dosas. 

You can use this chutney as a spread for your sandwiches and pep up the colour a bit by adding fresh coriander and/or mint leaves. If you wish you can season this chutney with mustard and curry leaves or a couple of slightly bruised garlic flakes. 

The thick version of this chutney is called as 'gatti chutney' in Kannada where 'gatti' means 'hard', however you can dilute the chutney a bit and then add the seasoning to make it slightly flowing in consistency. Enjoy it the way you like!

Basic Coconut Chutney
Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time: Nil | Serves 2-3

You Need:
Grind all the ingredients with very little water to yield a thick coarse paste (don't grind it too fine). Transfer into a bowl & serve.

1. 1 tbsp raw mango is about 1 slice of a lemon sized raw mango - adjust to taste especially if you intend using the tamarind as well.
2. Instead of the curry leaves you may use mint leaves (approx 1 tbsp) or use both for an added flavour.

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