Chicken Manchow Soup

It is said that change is the only constant and I totally agree. No matter how much one wants to remain the same, one evolves, over a period of time and truly so in my case too. For example, I never thought that I would try my hand at making Chinese (or Indo-Chinese) food. I never thought I would get it right and I am glad I was wrong.

Just recently one of my readers, a Singaporean lady wrote to me and after a few mail exchanges we became friends. She was kind enough to share her lovely fried rice recipe and I was just waiting for an opportunity to try it. Since Roshan and I LOVE eating out, especially at Chinese restaurants, we decided that we should try making it at home and enthusiastically set out to plan a proper meal - with a starter, a main course and a side. I was so happy that the two of us set out to do this as it was a success for first timers like us and it only reinforced our love for Chinese food. 

Since we are complete foodies and eat out a lot, most often than not we end up eating at one of the many nice Chinese restaurants in our locality. China Gate is our utmost favourite place to dine out. Good and quick service and amazingly delicious food that is oh-so-comforting. We enjoy catching up with our good friends too over a meal there as good food is always something that acts as mood lifter and adds to the camaraderie shared between people. Chicken Manchow soup is something that we usually order although Crab Meat Soup is Roshan's favourite - but since I am a no crab woman, he can't share it with me, so that's how Manchow lands up on our table. Add to it the need to satisfy a 4 year old who loves the crispy noodles that are served along with it.

This soup was Roshan's experiment and it turned out very good and has hence made it to the blog. I do hope you try it and enjoy it too. I have a couple of more Chinese dishes lined up for you, so if you are going to stock up a few condiments (sauces & spices) essential in the preparation of Chinese cooking, you won't be disappointed, I promise you.

Chicken Manchow Soup
Prep time: 20 mins | Cook time: 20 mins | Serves 4

You Need:

1. In a big bowl mix the chicken or vegetable stock, soya sauce, red chilli sauce & vinegar - this will help you to check the taste and adjust the flavours/ingredients if required)
2. Boil the hakka noddles in sufficient boiling water (or as per the instructions on the packet), drain and when cool deep fry and keep aside. This is to garnish the soup.
3. Heat oil in a saucepan and on medium heat saute the ginger, garlic & green chillies for a minute.
4. Add the shredded chicken and white pepper and saute till the chicken is cooked.
5. Next, add the vegetables - carrots, cabbage, french beans, mushroom, spring onion whites and saute for about half a minute. Add the prepared stock mixture, salt to taste and bring it to a boil
6. Add the corn flour/cornstarch paste and stir continuously to avoid lumps. The soup will thicken. Reduce the flame.
7. Add the egg whites slowly and continue to stir for a minute or two. Remove from the heat.
8. Pour soup into individual soup bowls and garnish with chopped spring onion greens and deep fried noodles. Serve hot 

You may use homemade chicken or vegetable stock at home or use ready to use canned stock. Alternatively you can dissolve 2-3 stock cubes (I use maggi) in 5 cups of warm water to make instant stock. Do check the instructions on the packet. Always check the salt content in the stock before you add some more to the soup as commercially prepared stock/stock cubes has a lot of salt added to it.

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