Best of 2012 - Summing up a Fabulous Year!

I am delighted to write this post today, not just because I eagerly await the dawn of a brand new year, but because it is always a joy when milestones have been achieved. I did not set any targets for this year, nor did I make any resolutions, but as I look back on the year gone by, I think it has truly been a year well spent. I have learnt to cook new things, revived old ties, made new friends and the icing on the cake - brought a new person into this world. 

Almost the whole of this year was consumed by my pregnancy and delivery - while I was expecting that it would take a toll on my blogging, I was quite surprised that it didn't. On the contrary it helped me plan and organize every aspect of my life including blogging so that things moved smoothly even after the arrival of the new baby. I am still counting God's many blessings on me and my family and cannot thank Him enough - for blessing us, for keeping us alive and in good health.

So here's a quick recap of the best of 2012 - it has been so much fun to put this post together. My new year resolution is to try out things that intimidated me till date and to master them and to bring in a lot of variety to this blog.

~ Best of 2012 ~

Chicken Lollipops

My most favourite party starter - simply because it can be made in advance and frozen and I have made it a zillion times. Although it needs masala to be ground (a little effort is involved), it is worth it and tastes simply yum when served piping hot

Butter Cake

If you are not calorie conscious, then this cake is the one for you. Simple and buttery goodness - oh! so melt-in-the-mouth! It's the perfect cake when you want to make a basic sponge to entertain those who don't like anything apart from plain vanilla cakes. I have made this a gazillion times on popular demand.

Fish Crumb Fry

An easy appetiser/starter made with fish fillets that you can make in a jiffy. Its a sure shot way to get fussy kids eat to eat some fish as they just can't make out if its chicken or fish! The best part is that it can be grilled, baked or shallow fried. No deep frying!

Bonda Sharbat

One of Mangalore's most popular beverages - thanks to the abundance of coconut trees. Almost every Mangalorean I know has relished a chilled glass of coconut water at some point of their lives. Here's a recipe to make a perfect welcome drink with a twist.

Prawn Masala Fry

The one and only prawn recipe on my blog has become the most loved recipe by those who have tried & tested it. Full credit goes to my husband Roshan for this beautiful recipe. Easy to make & finger licking good!

Chicken & Mayo Sandwich

One of the most loved breakfast options on my menu at home. It's perfect for breakfast on a lazy Sunday, as a snack in your kid's lunch box or something you like to munch along on a journey or a picnic. So simple to make and delicious to eat. Tastes best with multi grain bread.

Dal Khichdi

It can't get more simple than this. Dal Khichdi is food for the soul. Eat it when you are happy, sad, bored or ill. Tastes best when eaten freshly made and piping hot, with a dollop of ghee or yogurt. Dead simple as you only need a pressure cooker to do its job. You really can't go wrong with this recipe! 

Pork Indad

Mangalore's take on the Goan Pork Vindaloo, made by Roshan - his own style. Tried, tested and loved by many readers. You can make it with chicken too, just follow the instructions in the recipe and you have a winner on your hands!

Ale Dos (Mangalorean Ginger Preserve

One of Mangalore's dying traditions - making ginger preserve at home. From the time I tasted it I have fallen in love with it. Happy that I was able to achieve the challenge that I set for myself for this year - to make it from scratch. So happy with the results - however, this is seasonal, so bookmark it and make it when fresh (new) ginger is available in the market.

Pineapple Peel Wine

An unusual recipe that I found in my mum's handwritten book soon became the talk of the town. Such a brilliant way to put pineapple peel (the one that we discard) to good use. Makes a small batch - to be enjoyed with close family!

Pista Burfi

A delightful fudge - yummy and nutty all the same. I remember going on a crazy hunt for silver leaves (varq) to be placed on top of the burfi and had a great time clicking the pictures. Since it was my first attempt at making a fudge I was pretty pleased with myself for having made perfect squares that we enjoyed for many days after that!

Date & Walnut Cake

Probably the most popular cake of the season, this recipe was tried & liked by many especially by those who prefer moderately sweet cakes. Again, a beautiful cake that works perfectly as an accompaniment to tea or as a basic cake for a fondant covering - the kind you'd want to make for your parents' anniversary or a formal occasion such as a jubilee, Communion or a Baptism ceremony.

Last but not the least, adding to the above 12 are these two posts that are so close to my heart for many reasons.

 Roast Chicken With Bread & Giblet Stuffing

Churmundo (Whole Wheat Laddoo)

Wishing all my readers and blogger friends a wonderful 
New Year 2013!!
May the 365 days waiting for you be filled with health & happiness, wealth & wisdom, peace & prosperity, glee & glow, love & laughter!!