Cinnamon & Green Tea Punch - Say Cheers!!

Hey guys! I am overjoyed as I write this post. Ruchik Randhap has finally moved to its own domain! Yayy! Yes! It has been a long wait for me - for no particular reason though. Just too many things on my plate the whole of this year but now I finally got my little blog to move to its own home - a dot com address. 
So Ruchik Randhap is now! 

This calls for a bubbly, definitely, but since I am off alcohol for now, I guess we can toast to some lovely cinnamony drink that totally fits into this Christmas season too.

You can call this drink simply Cinnamon Green Tea if you wish, but its a tad too sweet if you prefer sipping on light green tea. I call it a punch because it is best served chilled (absolutely chilled) and in shot glasses AND in tiny quantities as a welcome drink. I have made this a couple of times last year after my dear friend Jenifer offered me some at her place and told me how she made it. I have experimented with my own measurement and I am sure this drink will only evolve. Go ahead and get creative if you wish - but don't go overboard as its always good to play safe with warm spices especially when you are teaming them up with something that has its own strong character - green tea. 

Last year I made this at my brother's place in Dubai and served it to his guests who went crazy over it. My brother too fell in love with it and I thought it must go on this year's Christmas menu. It's the perfect welcome drink at a party. It will leave your guests feeling absolutely refreshed and asking for more (and even wondering what went into this punch). Make sure you don't serve it at room temperature - in which case they will really wonder what you served them (sorry, but it doesn't taste very good at room temp)

Like I always get into the blah blah speech mood and bore you guys, why not prep yourself up for another speech of this season? Well, I am dedicating this post to a whole lot of people for a zillion reasons. First to Jenifer, my dear friend who has taught me a million recipes including this one - thank you Jenny! To May my lovely friend who sent me the lovely card that you see in the background - all the way from Lohr, Germany - thank you and I wish you a wonderful Christmas! I have also borrowed your beautiful cinnamon candle centerpiece idea!

I also raise a toast to the two people who couldn't wait for this post - Laxmimala my oldest friend (ever!) - we've known each other since we were 5! May our friendship that is as old as the hills remain steadfast until the cows come home! And last but not the least, my dear brother Santhosh for being such a great guy - despite having driven me crazy during our childhood, you are & will always remain to be my closest foe (:P), support and buddy and I love you tons!

So now that my speech is over, why don't you make this drink today? If you have leftovers make sure you freeze them in your ice cube mould - its great way to serve a small portion of it anytime you like! Go creative and make popsicles out of it - make sure you don't serve it to kids - green tea has caffeine in it.

It is more of a refreshing drink served at a spa - so pour yourself a drink just in case you plan to soak yourself silly in a nice hot bubbly bath. Warm water, dim lights, great music and this drink - party or bubble bath - take your pick ;-) Lol! I guess I have simply gone crazy with the excitement of finally getting my domain into existence. Goodbye blogspot!

Cinnamon & Green Tea Punch
Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time: 10 mins | Serves 10-12 (serving size: tequila shot glasses)

You Need:

1. Bring the water to a boil in a saucepan and toss in the green tea bags and the cinnamon. Allow to brew for 4-5 minutes on a full flame.
2. Simmer, add sugar and honey, stir till the sugar dissolves. Remove from flame. Add the salt & lime juice.
3. Once it has cooled completely, refrigerate for a couple of hours and serve very chilled in vodka/tequila shot glasses.

1. Do not use flavoured green tea like fruity ones (strawberry, lime, peach etc) as it will alter the taste of this punch - unless you want to experiment & prefer it that way.
2. Cinnamon is different from cassia bark which is popularly used in Mangalorean cuisine. Cassia bark is called as 'thikey sal' in Konkani and is mistaken to be cinnamon. If you are using Cassia bark use 7 or 8 sticks of 2-3 inches each
3. You may use regular granulated sugar in the place of brown sugar. I used dark brown muscovado sugar. Do not add more than 5 tbsp of sugar for the said quantity of water at the boiling stage as it will taste sugary once it has been cooled down. Excessive sweetness will mask the other flavours - cinnamon & green tea need to be the dominant flavours here.

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