Steamed Bread Pudding ~ Celebrating 4 years of blogging!

Another one of my mum's classic recipes is making its appearance on my blog. Bread pudding - the quintessential Mangalorean dessert that also doubles up as a tea time snack to fill tiny hungry bellies. Mangalorean housewives are known for tactfully transforming leftovers into something appetising enough to be devoured in minutes. The bread pudding is one such dish which is made with leftover/stale bread that nobody wants. Combined with milk, sugar and liberal use of ghee it makes for a delicious and filling snack for kids. You can eat it warm - straight out of the steamer or chilled - cut into chunks and slathered with some Nutella or just as is. Tastes delicious!

Since my previous post was a rather lengthy one I will spare you the trauma of reading yet another one. So here's presenting the steamed version of making a lovely bread pudding to celebrate 4 years of blogging! Yes, my blog turned 4 two days ago! Thank you readers for your continued support & appreciation. Special thanks to Roshan - he has come a long way - from somehow who coaxed me to start the blog to continuously supporting & encouraging to now being the co-chef -Randhpi of Ruchik Randhap.

A special mention of thanks to my dear friend Rinku Naveen. There are people who play great roles behind the screen and she is just one of them. From being my best friend to best critic of my blog - you take every prize Rinku! Thank you for those tips, tricks and suggestions that make this blog what it is today. 

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About the dish
The bread pudding is an ideal mid week snack that you can make with leftover bread slices and tastes great warm or chilled. Enjoy it with jam or Nutella or any chocolate spread!

Steamed Bread Pudding
Prep time: 10 mins | Steaming time 50 mins | Servings 8

You Need:
1. Stack up the bread slices one on top of the other and trim the hard edges - chop up these finely. Tear the rest of the bread roughly and keep aside.
2. In a bowl beat the eggs and add all the other ingredients once by one and mix well. Add the bread to this mixture and gently stir to incorporate.
3. Grease a cake tin or a deep steel bowl of about 5" diameter with ghee. Pour the bread mixture into it and place a well fitting steel lid over the mouth of the bowl. Alternatively you can cover the bowl with aluminium foil - this is to prevent the steam droplets from falling into the pudding and making it mushy.
4. Place sufficient water in a idli/sanna steamer (thondor) and when it comes to a rolling boil place the bowl with the pudding mixture on the shelf inside the steamer. Cover the lid and steam on a medium high flame for about 45-50 mins or till the knife inserted comes out clean.
5. Remove from the steamer and carefully remove the lid so that the steam collected on top of it does not fall into the pudding. Allow it to cool and then carefully insert a plain knife around the edges to loosen it up a bit.
6. Cover the bowl with a plate and invert the pudding onto the plate. Cut into desired pieces and serve warm!

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