Coconut Red Chilli Chutney

Another coconut-y recipe is making its appearance today. No points for guessing then that coconut stands to be one of my favourite ingredients while cooking. It is so versatile that you can not only have coconuts as a base for your curries, but it can be consumed raw - in the form of a chutney. I can go on & on about the wonders of this wonderful fruit, but I really should stop.

This chutney is simple yet lovely and is rather common in Mangalorean homes. The red colour comes from the locally available long dry red chillies called the Bedgi/Byadge chillles which also give a great taste to it. Different homes have different versions of this chutney, so you can really play around with the ingredients to suit your tastebuds.

It is a perfect accompaniment to a host of South Indian breakfasts, from idlis to dosas, the match is heavenly.   Surprisingly, I don't recall having this at home. Neither at my in-laws. This recipe was given by my friend Veda Pai and I assume it is made regularly in Konkani homes with a few variations here & there to beat the humdrum. So thanks to her, I add one more chutney to my culinary repertoire .

About the chutney
A simple and tasty chutney that you can put together in minutes. Increase or decrease the level of spice and thereby the red colour by adjusting the number of chillies used. You may season it for an added flavour or just serve it without the seasoning - this way you can cut out the extra bit of oil.

Coconut Red Chilli Chutney
Prep time: 8-10mins | Cook time: Nil | Serves 2

You Need
For seasoning
1. Heat 1/2 teaspoon oil in a small pan (meant for seasoning) and lightly fry the long dry chilly - turn off the flame when it begins to brown - take care to see that it doesn't get burnt.
2. Add the fried chilli and the rest of the ingredients to a chutney grinder and grind it to a coarse paste using water sparingly (about 1 tablespoon). Transfer the chutney into a bowl
3. To prepare the seasoning, heat the coconut oil in the same pan used before and toss in the mustard - when they stop spluttering add the crushed garlic flakes and fry for a couple of seconds before adding the curry leaves. Swirl the curry leaves so they are just fried. Turn off the flame and pour this seasoning into the chutney.
4. Serve along with idli or dosa

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