Watermelon Blizzard

Hey everyone! I am writing to you from a furnace. No jokes! Dubai is hot! Hotter than I expected and definitely my first tryst with the real dessert summer. We are now facing the wrath of the sun as it is the third week of August. Venturing out is not something I like to do at all, sitting in the comforts of a nice & cool house is more like it. However, its a tough choice I make everyday. Go out in the sun to get some over dose of vitamin D & an extra tan or
sit at home & be driven crazy by a bunch of kids fooling around. Errr, even though it's like picking between the devil or the deep blue sea, I'll go with the latter. At least I can choose to keep myself cool by preparing some delicious & refreshing cool drinks. No?

While India has long forgotten its summers and is enjoying showers of blessings, most of the world is still basking in the sun. It is therefore apt that this drink makes its appearance on the blog now before its too late. This recipe was shared by my dear reader turned friend Usha and she urged me to try it out once. I am not such a fan of watermelon unless it is juiced up and served chilled. I mean, I enjoy it as a fruit too but only if all the hard work of peeling & deseeding it is done by someone else. Well, most often that not, that someone else happens to be me. I am the official fruit peeler, pitter, corer, trimmer of every fruit that comes into my house with the exception of seedless grapes which are pretty much eaten without much fuss.

This drink is as refreshing as it is pretty. I went beserk doing the photo shoot but to my luck I didn't get many good pictures thanks to the diminishing natural light nearing sunset.

You can deck up the glasses as and how you like them & serve this drink, chilled - to be enjoyed by the young & old alike!

Watermelon Blizzard
Prep time: 10 mins | Cook time: Nil | Yield: 4-5 glasses

Peel the cucumber & dice it. Place all the ingredients in a juicer or blender & blitz it for half a minute. Add crushed ice to the glasses, decorate with lime slices or mint or pretty chunks of watermelon & serve chilled.

1. The watermelon has been weighed after being cleaned. You may need to purchase approx 1 kilo watermelon and clean & cut into chunks before measuring/weighing it.
2. If you don't wish to use ice cubes, ensure that the watermelon & cucumber are adequately chilled.
3. The addition of lime juice gives the drink a lift, however it won't taste very good at room temperature, so make sure you serve this drink chilled - with or without ice.

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