Idli Upma - A Simple, Tasty & Quick Breakfast Option!

G'morning ya'll! An 8 am post on a Friday morning only means that I was pulled out of my slumber way too early. The lil boy is too excited to attend his cousin's birthday party at the play area this morning and it was only fair to wake up his mommy and demand breakfast at 6 am no? Grr! 

Anyway, I got a quick chance to wake up earlier than the others who are still enjoying their sleep and write this post. A super quick breakfast option is what I like on most days when I just don't want to make anything elaborate. Since the past few weeks I have been busy trying my hand at making my own Idli & Dosa batter, a multi purpose batter which can be transformed into not just idlis and dosas but also a host of other South Indian breakfasts. I hope to try them out one by one and post them here soon. 

For now here is the recipe of a simple, tasty and quick breakfast option made from crumbled leftover idlis. I keep making so many idlis week after week that leftovers are a given. Normally they don't remain as my lil girl loves idlis, especially when they are freshly steamed and then dunked in some desi ghee, she simply relishes them. Also, we have discovered the joy of eating idlis with anything from chicken sukka to fish curries. The combo tastes awesome.  

You can make this upma in a jiffy. Just crumble them and temper them with any seasonings of your choice. Curry leaves, urad dal and some hing will do if you are not in the mood of chopping the onions and ginger. I don't have amazing pictures cuz I clicked these pictures on a whim, after debating with myself whether to go ahead and share the recipe or not and then I decided to do that anyway since the idli upma is my go-to breakfast or anytime snack option these days. So enjoy and I hope you like it!

Idli Upma
Prep time: 5-10 mins | Cook time: 5 mins | Serves 1-2

1. Crumble the idlis into a bowl - not necessarily into fine crumbs. If you are using leftover idlis straight from the fridge you could steam them lightly (for about 3-4) minutes if possible to give that fluffy light texture to the crumbs, otherwise you can simply microwave them for 30 seconds and then crumble.
2. In a heavy based pan/kadhai heat the oil and toss in the mustard. When it stops spluttering add the urad dal and reduce the heat to a medium low. Fry until the dal turns light golden.
3. Toss in the curry leaves, broken red chillies and let them sizzle a bit on a medium heat. Stir and then add the chopped ginger (if using), toss about for a few seconds and add the onions (if using), fry until they turn pale/translucent.
4. If you are not using the ginger and onions, then proceed to add the asafoetida right after you add the curry leaves and chillies, then add the crumbled idlies and mix well. Season with salt only if required (idlis already have salt added to them).
5. Garnish with chopped coriander, mix once and remove from heat. Serve hot!

1. I used smallish medium sized idlis. Depending on how many idlis you wish to use adjust the quantities of the rest of the ingredients accordingly.
2. This recipe is great when you have leftover idlis - whether homemade or from the restaurant (seriously, if you have ordered too much and don't want to eat them forever, this is the best way to get rid of them!)

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