Spicy Chicken Dry

The end of June is here bringing with it a closure of half of the year (I should start writing poetry!). I am so glad that finally the schools will close for the summer and I can relax and do things at my own pace rather than run around like a headless chicken for 5 days a week. While we are busy with some last minute shopping before we head for our vacation I decided to write a quick post and share this amazing chicken recipe with you. It is a recipe that I have adapted from the book 'Recipes For All Occasions' by B F Varghese. It is one of my most favourite cookbooks now. 

Since I love cooking chicken at home I always bookmark several recipes that catch my eye, either on the internet or in cookbooks or magazines. This was one of the bookmarked recipes that I have pinned up on my kitchen pinboard. The instructions were very few but accurate. I have tried this dish several times over making a few changes each time and the results have always been stunning. I have made it with extra gravy, with potatoes and altered the level of spice. Each time it has succeeded in impressing all of us at home. The colour is so smashing and the flavours predominantly come from the freshly ground chillies. This is a keeper of a recipe. I am sure it will be a hit at a party too should you decide to serve it as a starter (cook it absolutely dry) or as a side to chapathis or dosa (cook it semi dry) or as a main course, serve it along with rice (add a little extra water to make a thin gravy)

It is going to be a while before I am able to blog again - everything depends on the speed of the internet connection I get when I am home in Mangalore. In the meanwhile I would love to receive your feedback on the blog, the recipes or anything you wish to share with me. If you have tried and liked any of my recipes please do send me your feedback along with a picture if possible. Send your mail to ruchikrandhap@gmail.com or catch me on Facebook. I will publish your tried & tested recipe pictures in the albums on FB. Here's the latest - Album#3 so do check it out. 

To those of you who have written in to me and have received no reply yet, my apologies, I'll get back to you soon!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this recipe. Happy holidays!

Hey before I forget,

In the recent past the frequency of my posts has increased and hence the recipe index has grown and gotten more lengthy. It is not always easy to scroll down endlessly on a page especially if you are looking for something in a hurry. Keeping this in mind and upon receiving several requests from readers I have simplified the index to a visual/picture index.

It took me over 2 months, several weekends and holidays to put this together and it was a mammoth task for me but I am finally happy that I have executed it well within the timelines I had set for myself.

It is said that we eat with our eyes first. So go ahead and indulge, salivate over the pictures before you actually decide what to cook! Bon App├ętit!

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Spicy Chicken Dry
Prep time: 20 mins | Cook time: 25-30mins | Serves 4

1. Cut the chicken in medium sized pieces, wash and drain well (if you have the time marinate it in 1 tsp salt and keep aside).
2. Transfer the chicken into a big pan and add about 1/4 cup of water and salt (if you have not marinated it with salt before). Boil the chicken till it is cooked but not very tender (or it will begin to shred if overcooked).
3. While the chicken is boiling fry the onions in a non stick pan till golden brown. Take care not to burn them. Remove and keep aside.
4. Powder the chilli skins without using any water (use a dry grinding jar) to as fine a powder as possible. Keep aside. Next, grind the tomato and keep aside. Rinse the grinding jar with approximately 1/4cup of water and retain this water.
5. Once the chicken is boiled, remove the pieces onto a plate and retain the stock.
6. In a large frying pan heat some oil and lightly fry the chicken pieces till they turn golden on all sides.
7. Reduce the heat (or remove the pan briefly from the heat) and add the ground chilli powder - if the pan is too hot there are chances that the powder will burn and cause the dish to taste bitter, so be careful. Add in the ginger and garlic and mix well till all the pieces are coated well with this mixture. Fry on a low heat for 2 mins.
8. Now add the fried onions, ground tomato paste and vinegar (start from 1 teaspoon and increase it - the sourness required depends on how sour the tomato is). Mix everything well and add the chicken chicken stock in parts if you like it dry. Cook with the pan uncovered till the gravy thickens.
If you want some gravy, add the stock in one go, simmer and remove from fire.
9. Serve hot with rice or chapathis

For a moderately spicy chicken I used 8 kashmiri and 4 bedgi chillies (a total of 12 chillies). If you like it spicy use just one variety of chillies. Remember that Kashmiri chillies give a great colour but are less spicy than the Bedgi/Byadge/Kumti chillies. A combination of both is simply great, so I would recommend using a combo.

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