Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi # 4 - Chicken Sukka, Sango Sukhe, Daliso Saar & Rice

When I was little, chicken was a weekly indulgence eaten only on Sundays. Today we cook it during the week too and when I can't think of anything new to make I just whip up a simple meal that consists of chicken sukka along with other things. It's just so delicious I can't begin to describe. I am sure those of you have eaten it will agree! 

One of my most favourite items are on this plate - Chicken sukka, long beans thel piao (Oil & Onion Style) served with boiled rice and Mangalorean style watery dal. 


1. Chicken Sukka (added breadfruit chunks instead of potatoes!
2. Sango Sukhe (made the same way as the ridgegourd (gosale) thel piao) 
3. Daliso Saar (Catholic Style Watery Dal)
4. Red Boiled Rice
5. Plain cucumber slices