The Boshi Series - Mangalorean Plated Meals

A few days ago, on a purely experimental basis I started posting the picture of my plated meals on my Facebook page and boy was I surprised! The response was unexpected and overwhelming in a great way! Lots of people felt that this was a great way of sharing my recipes and as expected they seemed to agree that it helps them plan their weekly meals accordingly. 

I then decided to publish the pictures on my blog too so that it helps the larger audience of my blog. Do let me know what you think of it and whether you like the plated meals that I post. Do you have any suggestion to make the series better? Do write in to me at and don't forget to follow me on my Facebook page - Ruchik Randhap. That's where all the action is! Get instant replies to your queries by following me there. I am a FB addict, I admit! :)

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The term 'boshi' stands for plate in Konkani. This is a collection of my simple everyday meals displayed on a plate

BOSHI# 1 (pictured above)
This is a quintessential Mangalorean meal with my favourite items - clams, leafy greens and dal made the GSB/Konkani way. It tastes wonderful with piping hot steamed or boiled red rice.


1. Kube Sukhe (Protestant Style Spicy Clam Sukka
2. Amaranth Greens Thel Piao (made the same way as the ridgegourd (gosale) thel piao) 
3. Dali Tove (Konkani Style Lentils)
4. Red Boiled Rice - No recipe

BOSHI # 2 (pictured below)

Another classic lunch plate includes fish fry made with green masala marinade and a pumpkin sukka on the side. Both of these marvellous dishes accompany some piping hot rice teamed with yogurt (curd) curry 


1. Fish Green Masala Fry
2. Pumpkin Sukka/Fugad (Made the same way as the sonay sukhe recipe)
3. Dahi Kadhi/Yogurt Curry (Skipped the inclusion of veggies in it)

I call this plate the all season boshi as it has dishes made out of ingredients that are available all year round the year - shredded mango pickle, dried shrimps, Mangalore cucumber (field marrow), horsegram and salted raw jackfruit in brine. Perfect to be whipped into a nourishing, satisfying meal


1. Kosrache Lonche (Shredded Mango Pickle)
2. Galmbyachi Chetni (Dried Shrimp & Coconut Chutney)
3. Kulta Kaat (Mangalore Cucumber & Horsegram Curry)
4. Bazalle Ghare (Salted Raw Jackfruit Fries) 
5. Red Boiled Rice (used Palakkadan Matta) - No Recipe

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