Eggless Mocha Chocolate Mousse - Easiest Recipe Ever!

The grand finale of this year's Christmas does not end with this mousse :-) I had planned a whole bunch of things to be made and posted before the 24th of December (today) but somehow due to my extra hectic schedule this year owing to a wedding in the family and cousins flown in from across the globe my task became harder than I had anticipated. Luckily I had prepared a lot of things ahead of time and those will keep showing up on the blog in the next few days. Christmas is not just about a single day - 25th of December. Christmas is a season, a season of love, togetherness and happiness. These three elements are interdependent. There can be no love if there is no happiness and there can be no happiness without love. Togetherness depends a lot on the former two. So basically to celebrate this part of Christmas I have this mousse for you which brings coffee and chocolate together to create a beautiful, simple and easy dessert that is served in tequila/vodka shot glasses - a serving size that is just right. No overindulgence. Simplicity also means that you can put this dessert together a day in advance and all you can do is chill and enjoy your party and when it's time for dessert you just pop these beauties out of the fridge and serve them. Sounds easy?

A few months ago when I was going through my blog archives I realised that I had hardly posted any recipes for desserts. I also realised that till a while ago, desserts were not really something we made at home. We either purchased them from out or we stuck to Indian sweets and desserts such as rasmalai, kheer, payasams etc. I guessed it was high time that I started dabbling with the world of Western desserts and here you go. I have another recipe that I will hopefully post in the next few days. Since it is the festive, holiday season across the globe a few good recipes kept in reserve never hurt do they? It is always good to have some recipes for make ahead desserts that you can put together before the big day and be done with it. 

The best part about this mousse is that it is eggless so you don't need to worry about raw egg whites that generally give the texture to mousse. Marshmallows do the trick for you! However, do note that marshmallows contain gelatin so while this is a dessert suitable for those avoiding eggs it may not be suitable for those avoiding gelatin as well. 

Anyway, this dessert is perfect for this festive season and for all those occasions when you want to serve small portions of a dessert so that there is no over indulgence!

Enjoy a sweet, delicious and perfect Christmas!

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Mocha Chocolate Mousse
Prep time: 25 mins | Chilling time: 6 hours or overnight | Yield: 12 vodka/tequila shot glasses (60 ml glasses) 

To garnish:
1. In a heavy based saucepan place the marshmallows, water, instant coffee and chocolate and stir until the marshmallows melt completely and there are no lumps - let the mixture simmer for a minute. Remove from heat and allow the mixture to cool completely.
2. In a large bowl place the double cream and whip it using an electric whisk (or by hand if you can manage) for about 5-6 mins or until the cream turns thick and holds soft peaks (when you lift the whisk the cream should form stiff ends - like small peaks and not drop). You need to beat the cream non stop, perhaps take 3-4 second breaks in between. Don't get dejected if you feel that it is not holding shape. Continue beating for a few more mionutes
3. When the coffee and marshmallow mixture has completely cooled down - add it gently into the whipped cream one tablespoon at a time and continue to beat the cream to incorporate
4. Spoon the mixture into the serving glasses and garnish with the grated chocolate. Cover with cling film / plastic wrap and chill for 6-24 hours before serving.

1. If you like you can use dark chocolate but make sure it is not very bitter. Use chocolate that has not more than 55% cocoa solids.
2. Do not worry if you are unable to get stiff peaks in the whipped cream, thanks to the marshmallows the mousse will set anyways. Just make sure that the cream you are using is not too thin (liquidy/watery). To achieve best results chill the bowl and the whisk in the fridge for about 1 hour before you begin whipping the cream. This helps especially if you are in a hot kitchen or live in humid climate.

Cheat's version:
If you have access to ready made (store bought) whipped cream you can use that instead of fresh cream as it will save you some effort. You can even substitute it with whipped cream powder like Dream Whip to reconstruct the cream - since I haven't used it I cannot tell you the proportions required - you may have to eyeball the quantity and add extra chocolate+coffee+marshmallow mixture if you end up using too much whipped cream. This is just a suggestion.

Recipe adapted from: Coffee, 100 Everyday Recipes

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