Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi#7 - Kori Ghassi, Kadale Manoli & Rotti


A typical Bunt style Boshi that has all my favourite things! Spicy and delicious!
On the left you can see a spicy chicken curry made of spices and coconut, enough to tingle your senses! Then comes the kadale manoli - a spiced up dish made of black garbanzo and ivy gourd garnished with oodles of roasted coconut! Simply marvelous!
Finally, to mop it all up you have crispy rice crepes that quickly soak up the gravy and turn soft, mushy and oh so delicious! - 


1. Kori Ghassi
2. Kadale Manoli 
3. Rotti - No Recipe. It is available in most stores in Mangalore. You can also find rotti in most Mangalore Stores outlets across cities in India