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Folks, before I vanished for my holidays last month I had promised my readers that I would keep the posts flowing. Since I got really busy towards the end of December I will post all the festive goodies now. They are a bunch of sweets and other delicious things that I am sure you will enjoy at leisure now. January is a good month to unwind and get into a retrospective mood, no? I am doing just that. As ironic as it sounds, now that school has begun I am actually very relaxed. I love my routines and the regularity in schedule that school days bring with them (I know, I know...before you know it I'll be whining about the school routine). 

I usually like to sum up my year at the end of the year and a post was due but thanks to my schedule I couldn't do that this time. But it would be a shame if I didn't mention two big milestones in my life as a blogger. Ruchik Randhap is slowly gaining recognition world wide although Google statistics say the maximum readership comes from India. Late last month I received an email from a radio channel in Texas asking me if I was interested in doing a small segment on Indian Christmas with a focus on Christmas in Mangalore - how it is celebrated back in Mangalore and my memories revolving this grand festival. I was delighted to have this opportunity to showcase Mangalorean Christmas and the experience was great. You can listen to the entire show (An Indian Christmas - Flavors and Festivities of Centuries old Christian Communities of Goa & Mangalorehere. My talk is interspersed with the bits of conversation held with Hilda Mascarenhas, my co blogger who spoke about Goan Christmas so do listen to the whole programme! 

Besides this I also had the opportunity to be the judge for the Kuswar held by the Mangalore Konkans Dubai association during their annual Family Fiesta. It was a great experience to be a judge than to be judged

Coming to this recipe, since beef is the all time favourite of the husband he keenly prepared it last month when we had some guests over. For someone who doesn't like beef too much all I can say that it was the best I had ever tasted. On public demand he prepared it again for the Christmas potluck party at my cousin's place and it was well received by all. This recipe is specially for all those of you have written in asking for beef recipes. I do hope you give it a try and enjoy it. Do send me your feedback to I have received a tremendous number of emails and messages on my blog in November and December and I will reply to each and every one of them soon. Thanks for your love and support. Have a great year ahead!!
Beef Fry
For the marinade:
For frying:
1. Marinate the beef with all the ingredients mentioned under 'For the marinade' for at least 2 hours or overnight for best results.
2. Cook the meat in a pressure cooker with approx 1 cup of water till the meat is tender (we cook it for about 3 whistles and check doneness of meat - again, the cooking time depends on the tenderness of the meat). Once cooked, keep the meat aside.
3. In a large wok/kadhai/frying pan fry the onions till they are golden brown then add the curry leaves and chopped tomato and continue frying for about 2-3 minutes. Add the cooked meat to it
4. Fry the meat in this mixture on a low heat till all the water reduces to a thick gravy that coats all the meat pieces.
5. Remove from heat and serve hot

1. For this recipe sliced beef is better than cubed/meaty chunks
2. This dish tastes good only with beef as it releases a powdery mixture that helps thicken the gravy
3. Do not add too much water while cooking the meat (into the frying pan/wok/kadhai) as it will take more time to fry and in turn more time to reduce to a thick gravy.

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