Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 10 - Fish Curry, Soorn Sukhen, Tendli Carrot Popai Lonche, Papdo


Sometimes when the weather is dull and boring I like to eat something simple and spicy - generally the kind of mood that helps me remember my childhood and that definitely helps to uplift my mood! A fish curry accompanied by some of my favourite things is on today's boshi. 

The whole combination was so delicious especially due to the homemade tendi-carrot (mixed veg) pickle that the husband made...mmmm! finger lickin good


1. Maslyechi Geraal Kadi (Coconut Based Common Curry For Most Types of Fish)
2. Soorn Sukhen
3. Tendli Carrot Lonche (Homemade Ivy Gourd & Carrot Pickle / Mixed Veg Pickle) 
3. Papdo (Urad Dal Papad) (No recipe)
4. Boiled Rice (No recipe)

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