Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 11 - Chicken Ghee Roast, Mixed Vegetable Saagu & Rice


How do you like my colourful plate today? Ain't it lookin pretty? Well, I was happy to see the different colours when I plated this meal. The chicken ghee roast is one of my favourites and a hit on the blog. I missed to add Kashmiri chillies when I made it and so the colour isn't as bright as it should be. Surprisingly, the colour of the vegetable curry (saagu) turned out a beautiful green, maybe because I chose to use lesser coconut while grinding the masala. All in all a lovely plate that I enjoyed putting together.


1. Chicken Ghee Roast
2. Fresh salad - No recipe
3. Saagu (Karnataka Style Mixed Vegetable Curry)
4. White Rice (used Kolam variety of raw rice) - No recipe

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