Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 12 - Hyderabadi Chicken, Cabbage Upkari & Plain Paratha


Today's boshi has something slightly different. This is my little fellow's favourite meal combo. He loves chicken in thick gravies, usually North Indian style and prefers something without coconut in it. I tricked him into eating this one and he was found licking his fingers! He didn't notice the coconut in the gravy base as there was the flavour of peanuts to mask it! The cabbage upkari was nice and crunchy albeit with a little garnish of coconut. He mopped it up with his favourite Al Kabeer plain paratha which is similar to the Kerala Parota minus the layers. A simple and quick meal just for you :-)


1. Hyderabadi Chicken
2. Cabbage Upkari 
3. Plain Paratha (Used Al Kabeer brand of plain paratha here) 

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