Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 13 - Chicken Indad, Sango Thel Piao, Kachumber, Chapathis


The last boshi for the season that features meat. Lent begins on Wednesday, the 18th of Feb and I hope to keep my plated meals as simple as possible. The upcoming boshis will be either pure vegetarian or a combination of veggies and seafood. 

Today's boshi is another favourite of mine that features chicken made Indad style - Indad is a curry with a thick gravy base and tastes tangy-sweet & spicy, all at the same time! The chicken is paired with traditional Mangalorean style long beans. A salad or kachumber as it is called across India, especially in Maharashtra is an easy and interesting way to add raw veggies to your diet. Chapathis are great to mop up the curry!


1. Chicken Indad
2. Sango Thel Piao (recipe similar to the Gosalem Thel Piao)

3. Kachumber (a mix of finely chopped tomatoes, onions and cucumbers seasoned with salt, pepper and a dash of lime juice)
4. Chapathis - No recipe

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