Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 16 - Simple Fish Fry, Tomato Saar, Beans Thel Piao & Rice


It's Wednesday once more and here's another simple, spicy and delicious boshi made up of my favourite things (as always!) - fish fry, tomato saar and french beans in a thel piao (oil & onion) style recipe. So comforting irrespective of the weather and season.

Since I am not a big expert at making fish curries I usually fry up the fish - fish itself is a rare treat for us adults as my son doesn't like it much and so we buy fish in small quantities like once a month (from the Deira fish market) and freeze it, mostly to be fried.  I hope you enjoy this seafood boshi today

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1. Simple Fish Fry (Used 'Sondhale * see notes)
2. Tomato Saar (with Pepper & Cumin)
3. Beans Thel Piao/ Sukhe (Using the same recipe as Gosalem Thel Piao)

3. Red Boiled Rice (Used Palakkadan Matta rice here) - No Recipe

'Sondhale' in Konkani
'Adey Meen' in Tulu
Lactarius/False Trevally in English

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