Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 18 - Mushroom Curry, Gule Sukhe, Salad & Neer Dosa


Until now I thought presenting a pure veg boshi was a pain. Not anymore! I actually had fun putting this meal plan together as I felt the selection of items and flavours complemented each other very well. The mushrooms could very well be a meat replacement (in terms of their texture) - the health benefits of these are immense - they are a good source of lean protein and fibre, the black eyed peas is a good source of protein while the potatoes add to the carbs. To supplement this I have added freshly cut cucumbers to balance the intake of nutrients. All this is served with simple neer dosa/panpolay to make it one delicious yet simple lunch! 

I hope you give this boshi a try and let me know how you liked it! If you have tried any of my recipes please drop me an email at I'd love to hear from you!

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1. Mushroom Curry
2. Gule Sukhe (added potatoes to this dish)
3. Plain Cucumber Salad - No Recipe
3. Neer Dosa/Panpolay

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