Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 28 - Kane Jeere Miri, Gosalem Thel Piao, Pathrade Fry & Rice


Last Sunday's visit to the fish market saw us buying a nice variety of fish, most of which are my favourites - kane (lady fish), kube (clams/cockles), bangde (mackerels), tharle (sardines), pamplet (pomfrets), sungta (prawns - which I have just started to eat in small portions). We are literally having a seafood fest and gorging on so many dishes day after day much to the displeasure of our son. 

A couple of days ago I made the traditional jeere miri curry which has always been my favourite. Unfortunately the weather outside was playing havoc with my camera and I couldn't get too many shots - so posting what the best that I could grab within a few seconds and so the colour  of the curry doesn't look perfect. Since I had left the fish whole (which I later realised I shouldn't have), I struggled to 'boshi' it, cuz the kane demanded more space than I could give it! Finally I dished out the slimmest of the lot.

The addition of the pathrade fry is not typical of me as I generally don't like to crowd my plate with too many things but to lure the son into eating some fish curry I decided to fry up the pathrade I had prepared last week. Don't ask me where I got the colocasia leaves from, I made these with palak which is a great substitute when you are craving for pathrade! So what's stopping you now? Go make some!

Write to me at and let me know how you like it, whether you've tried any of the boshis that I present and if yes, do send me a picture and I'll display it on my Facebook page!

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1. Kane Jeere Miri (Lady Fish in a Cumin & Pepper Gravy)
2. Gosalem Thel Piao (Ridge Gourd Oil & Onion Style)
3. Pathrade Fry (Steamed & Pan Fried Colocasia Leaf Cakes) - used basic marination here
4. White Rice - No Recipe

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