Plated Meal Series - My Daily Meal #1 ~ Dal#1, Aloo Methi & Chapathis

My Daily Meal#1

Folks, sometime ago I had asked my readers on my Facebook page about whether they would like to see plated meals that showcase cuisines from other parts of India and the world. I received a lot of positive responses as many felt that sometimes Mangalorean dishes are laborious and need time which is not practical for those who spend long hours working outside their home. 

I have decided to post a new series that will showcase meals that we regularly have at home and those that not necessarily Mangalorean. Sometimes we prefer eating a North Indian meal or Indo-Chinese or fusion food or simply something that the kids will enjoy. Our kids don't enjoy Mangalorean food daily and I think its natural because I began to enjoy Mangalorean food when I was away from Mangalore. So I have decided to give the kids a break and make stuff that they will like eating. I hope you enjoy this series!

P.S: Moving forward the Boshi & My Daily Meal series will be posted on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays as it used to be a little taxing for me to be glued to the computer on a weekday. 

Write to me at and let me know how you like it, whether you've tried any of the plated meals that I present and if yes, do send me a picture and I'll display it on my Facebook page!

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1. Dal#1
2. Aloo Methi
3. Chapathis

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