Ragi Shevai Usli ~ Seasoned Finger Millet String Hoppers

It's been ages since I posted a simple breakfast recipe. It's not that I no longer experiment with new recipes at home, it's just that they usually revolve around the main meals or snacks. To add to this the lack of time to blog results in the recipes being doled out slower than ever before. Sorry about that but it is just there are all kinds of challenges associated with raising kids most of which revolve around school and after school related activities. However, I am enjoying this new facet of my life very much. I welcome the change and look forward to getting out of the house almost on a daily basis. Being busy is enjoyable, not blogging all the time is refreshing, knocking off the Facebook app from my phone is priceless! There is so much time to do everything else now. So much time to actually sit up and take note of the creeper growing in my balcony garden. I have started to take a lot more interest in helping my herb garden flourish and hopefully the change of weather will also help. 

Coming back to today's recipe, this is a very simple and easy breakfast option. I bought the ragi shevai (vermicelli) from Mangalore but have noticed it on the shelves of Lulu supermarket and Al Adil grocery stores here in Dubai. All I had to do was follow the instructions on the packet and a healthy, steaming breakfast was ready in minutes. The hubs loved it as much as I did but since my son isn't much of a noodle/vermicelli person he didn't like it so much but you can definitely add it to your child's lunchbox menu if he/she so prefers. If you don't get the ragi version of these string hoppers you can substitute it with regular wheat or rice vermicelli/hoppers. 

Ragi Shevai Usli ~ Seasoned Finger Millet String Hoppers
Prep time: 10 mins | Cooking time: 5 mins | Serves: 2-3

For the tempering:
1. First prepare the noodles. The cooking time may differ according to the kind of noodles you are using (wheat, ragi or rice) so follow the instructions on the packet. The brand I was using called for the ragi noodles to be soaked for exactly 3 minutes in plain water at room temperature. Then drain the water and spread out the noodles on a steel plate that fits inside the steamer. Steam for exactly 5 mins and remove. Fluff up with a fork and keep aside.
2. In a heavy based kadhai heat the oil and toss in the mustard seeds and when they stop spluttering, add the curry leaves, green chillies and the urad dal. When the dal turns golden in colour add the chopped onions and fry till they turn pink (translucent)
3. Add the steamed ragi noodles, salt and sugar to taste and the grated coconut. Mix until everything is well incorporated. Adjust seasoning as required. 

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