Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 32 - Fish Vindaloo, Cucumber Salad, Moong Curry, Fish Fry & Rice


The Boshi is back after a really really long break this time. I've been so busy that I've hardly had time to try out new recipes in the past 2 weeks or so and cooking is limited to previous tried and tested, family favourites. I cook stuff that my kids will eat without fuss and since I have decided not to sweat the small stuff, I am letting them be and not making extravagant meals which they will not end up eating. However, it would be so unfair for us adults if we didn't have our share of proper 3 course meals at least once in a way right? So I went ahead and made something that both the husband and I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a complete meal that we had after ages!

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1. Fish Vindaloo
2. Karamb (Cucumber Salad), Cheat's Method - Just mixed cucumber slices with leftover coconut chutney. Recipe for basic Coconut Chutney
3. Sprouted Mung bean curry
4. Fish Fry in basic marination

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