Christmas Recipes of All Time!

As we are inching towards Christmas 2015, I thought it would be nice for my readers to have a look at the recipes that were posted during the festive season over the years. While I started blogging way back in 2009 it was not until December 2010 that I got serious about it. Over the years I have tried out Christmas recipes that are part of my culinary heritage and those that grabbed my attention simply because there is so much out there that can spark your interest and make you want to cook!

I love experimenting with new recipes and I always bookmark them and add them to my ever growing to-do list. Whatever I am unable to try out during the festive season of one year gets carried forward to the next. In the upcoming days I will be adding more thumbnails to this compilation as I have a few more recipes to go! 

The collection of festive recipes below are all those recipes that I made with Christmas in mind so you will see not just cakes, bakes and sweets but an occasional savoury dish as well. 

If there is a recipe you don't see below, do take a moment to go through my two recipe indexes which have been simplified as much as I could.

You can search by category in the Picture Recipe Index or if you know the name of the recipe do search by name in the Recipes A-Z where they are listed alphabetic order. If you still don't find what you want please mail me with your recipe request and I will include it in the coming year!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!!



Chocolate Bounty Hearts & Bars

Coconut Ice

Creamy Chicken Baguette Bites

Mixed Spice

Traditional Irish Christmas Cake

Prune & Chocolate Dessert Cake

Cake Pops

Spritzgeb├Ąck ~ Spritz Cookies (German Christmas Cookies)

Mexican Snack Cups


Eggless Brownie Muffins

Ginger Cake

Apricot & Orange Loaf Cake

Milk Toffee

Dynamite Prawns


Date & Lemon Spirals

Chicken Indad
Coconut Basbousa

Beetroot Wine

Date Rolls

Raisin Chicken

White Chocolate Tarts


Coffee Fruit Cake

Mocha Chocolate Mousse

Julekake / Julekaga ~ Norwegian Cardamom Scented Christmas Bread


Traditional Chocolate Cake

Muffizzas (Muffin Shaped Pizzas)

Lemon Mascarpone Blondies

Rava Laadu / Rawa Laddoo (Sweet Semolina Balls)

Mincemeat Crumble Bars (Pure Vegetarian!)

Gingerbread Men

Last Minute Christmas Cake




Sukrunde (Crispy Green Gram & Jaggery Fritters)
Chai Tea Spiced Christmas Cake (Masala Chai Dry Fruit Loaf)

Orange & Cardamom Fig Cookies (Newtons)

Black Currant Sauce (Accompaniment to Roast Chicken)
Christmas Special ~ Roast Chicken with Bread & Giblet Stuffing

Date & Walnut Cake 

Cinnamon & Green Tea Punch
Traditional Wedding Style Mutton Polov


Kidyo/Kidiyo/Kulkuls (Sweet Dough Curls)

Kokkisan/Roce Cookies/Rose Cookies
Neurio/Nevries (Crescent Shaped Sweet Puffs)

Pathekaan (Banana Chips)

Simple Salted Tukdi (Diamond Cuts)

Pudim (East Indian Christmas Pudding) - For the Twelfth Night

Rich Cake (Christmas Cake)

Zimtsterne ~ German Christmas Cookies

Rich Plum Cake - Christmas Cake - The Ultimate Winner