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A few months ago I started to experiment with frying fish, the 'masala fry' way. Masala fry is a way of frying fish down South, where the fish is marinated with a lot of the marinade and some of it is also fried before adding the marinated fish. The end result is absolutely succulent, trust me! For those of you who love eating spicy seafood this dish is a must try. The other way of frying fish is to marinate it with just enough marinade (just a thin smear will suffice). It is then shallow fried in minimum oil. This is referred to as the 'naked fry' or 'tawa fry' in most restaurants. At home, we simply call it fried fish. 

Since the time I started making our regular fish fries with some extra marinade the husband has been going ga-ga over it, so much so that he attempted to make squid using his own recipe for the marinade which he ground to paste instead of using the ready spice blend which I usually resort to. 

Late last year I asked my readers if they would like see some special recipes on the blog and I received some emails with those requests. I have added all your requests to my worksheet and will be trying out new recipes soon. So far the husband and I have managed to try out some recipes, this being one of them. The recipe for squid masala fry was requested by my friend Sonya. I hope you like it!

Having a to-do list is really helpful as it helps me plan my cooking and blog posts accordingly. So if you have a recipe request please mail me at ruchikrandhap@gmail.com with 'Recipe Request' in the subject line. 

Till then, enjoy the squid. If you are in Dubai, it's the perfect time to enjoy some piping hot squid with some rice and dal. The weather outside is blissful!  

Squid Masala Fry
Prep time: 30-40 mins (includes time taken to make the marinade from scratch) | Frying time: 5 mins | Serves 2-3


For the marinade:
1. Drain (and discard) the water in which the chillies were soaked and grind the chilli skins along with the rest of the ingredients mentioned under 'For the marinade' to a fine paste. You will actually have more masala than you require for this recipe so use some to marinate the squid, reserve some to be added to the frying pan and store the excess in an airtight container and refrigerate and use it to fry prawns (masala fry) or to make the same dish again.
2. Marinate the squid rings with the required amount of ground masala and keep aside for 30 mins.
3. When you are ready to fry the squid, heat oil in a large frying pan and add the curry leaves and a little of the masala and fry until the raw smell of the masala vanishes
4. Add the marinated squid and mix it along with the fried masala and stir fry for a minute or two. Then spread them out in a single layer and let them fry for a further minute or two till just done. (overcooking them will make them rubbery so keep an eye out)
5. Remove onto a serving plate and garnish with chopped coriander if desired and serve hot with rice and curry or as an appetizer!

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