Undi (Oondi) ~ Konkani Style Seasoned Rice Dumplings

A lot of my posts have been languishing in my drafts for over 2 weeks now and I thought I should post them now without further ado. Since we officially begin Lent with Ash Wednesday, which is today, I am hopeful that I can post more vegetarian posts than I did last year - mainly because a lot of Christians I know go veg during Lent and request me for simple yet nutritious vegetarian recipes to help sustain them during the days of fasting and prayer. I don't plan to go completely veg this Lenten season but the vice I plan to give up this Lent the amount of time spent online (which is my biggest weakness). So my posts will also be without too many stories, so kindly bear with me. I will just be online to post recipes and nothing else, hopefully (God give me strength!)

I wish you all a blessed, meaningful and holy month of Lent!

This recipe was shared by my dear friend Veda Shenoy Pai. As I have told you before, we are childhood friends and have known each other since we were five. It goes without saying that our friendship has lasted the test of time and hence we don't start our day without a good morning no matter how busy we may be. This lovely recipe for traditional Konkani style breakfast was shared with me a few years ago and I could only manage to try it out last week. Thanks dear Veda!

Undi (Oondi) ~ Konkani Style Seasoned Rice Dumplings
Prep time: 10-15 mins | Cooking time: 15-20 mins | Yield: approx 12 lemon sized undis

For the seasoning (tempering):
1. Pulse the grated coconut in a mixer grinder for 2-3 seconds - it should be coarse and not a paste. Remove into a bowl. Add the rice rava, salt to taste and the water to make a batter of flowing consistency. Keep aside for 5-7 mins. 
2. Heat oil in a heavy based kadhai/wok and add the mustard seeds. When they stop spluttering reduce the heat and add the urad dal and methi seeds and let them turn slightly golden. 
3. Add the rava batter and on a medium low heat cook stirring continuously until the mixture comes together into a mass (thickens up and leaves the sides of the pan). Take care to see that the mixture does not stick to the base and turn brown. 
4. Remove pan from heat and allow to cool for a couple of minutes or until you are comfortable enough to handle the mixture. Don't let it cool down too much or else you won't be able to make the dumplings. 
5. Pinch out lemon sized (Indian lemon) portions and roll them between your palms to form smooth, crack free dumplings and press slightly with your thumb in the middle to form a dimple. Continue till all the dough is used up
6. Bring water to a rolling boil in a idli steamer and place the prepared dumplings on a steel plate lined with muslin cloth (bairas). Cover the undis with the muslin so that the steam does not fall on them and make them soggy. 
7. Cook under steam for approx 15-17 minutes. Serve hot with chutney

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