25 Summer Recipes You Must Try!

While the weather is still a little pleasant here in Dubai, summer has officially set its foot in India and many parts of the world. From what I see, people are gearing up for it in terms of their attire and food intake. It is the time when the body craves for light foods and fluids to replenish those lost due to the hot and humid weather. We Mangaloreans prepare a lot of seasonal goodies and make the most of nature's bounty. From cashews, jackfruits, mangoes to love apples, jamoons & kokum, every fruit is welcomed with joy. 

I have grown up eating a lot of traditional food made with these fruits and have managed to recreate several of them in my kitchen over the years. Here is a round up of 25 dishes that I have handpicked for you - recipes that are traditional and contemporary and will give you an idea of what to make should you pick any of these ingredients. I have also included a few other recipes that are apt for this season, so go ahead and indulge in what this season has to offer!!


1. Bibbe Sagle ~ Mangalorean Konkani Style Tender Cashew Nut Curry
A delectable dish made of tender cashew nuts simmered in a spicy coconut based gravy. Goes really well with piping hot white rice.

2. Godambi Payasa | Hasi Geru Beejada Payasa ~ Mangalorean Brahmin Style Tender Cashew Nut Payasam
A traditional recipe to make some mouth watering payasam (similar to kheer but made with a coconut milk base). The soft and tender cashew nuts are a delight to savour!

3. Tendli Ani Moi (Pokaan) ~ Mangalorean Catholic Style Ivy Gourd & Tender Cashewnut Sauté 
A once popular recipe on the wedding menu is not made regularly today. Revive the old tradition by trying this dish. If you can't find tender cashewnuts you can make it with regular ones by pre boiling them to soften them up a bit.


4. Kadgi Sukhi ~ Mangalorean Catholic Style Raw Jackfruit Sauté 
Jackfruit is one of the most versatile fruits which has a myriad of uses. From raw to ripe there are a gazillion different traditional recipes. Try this simple raw jackfruit & garbanzo beans (black chana) sukka (saute)

5. Mithache Ghare ~ Mangalorean Style Tender/Raw Jackfruit in Brine (Salt Water)
Here's a grandma's recipe to preserve raw jackfruit in brine. In the olden days this would come handy during the monsoons when seafood was hard to come by.

6. Ghare Sukhe ~ Mangalorean Style Salted Tender/Raw Jackfruit Sauté 
A great way to use raw jackfruit in brine would be to saute it. Tastes absolutely yum with some piping hot boiled rice and dal.

7. Ponsa Gharai ~ Mangalorean Style Ripe Jackfruit Payasam
A traditional recipe to make some delicious payasam with ripe jackfruit. A perfect end to a traditional Mangalorean meal!

8. Ponsache Patholi ~ Mangalorean Style Steamed Ripe Jackfruit & Rice Cakes/Pudding
I can hardly find a Mangalorean who hasn't eaten the patholi, a steamed rice cake made from ripe jackfruit pods ground with rice and jaggery. The slices are enjoyed as a tea time snack. Tastes wonderful when chilled too and freezes very well. 

10. Ponsache Gariyo ~ Mangalorean Style Ripe Jackfruit & Rice Batter Fritters
If you don't 'em steamed, have 'em fried! These fritters are a hit with people of all ages especially kids! I definitely loved them as a child and still do! 


10. Pikya Ambyachi Kadi ~ Mangalorean Catholic Style Semi Ripe Mango Curry (Bafat Style)
Every community in Mangalore has its own way of cooking small country mangoes in their semi ripe stage. We make it bafat style using the ready made powder. You can also make it with ground masala. This is one of my all time favourites! It doesn't feel like summer unless I make this at least once!

11. Mango Kheer 
Delicious! Need I say more? End your meal with this delicious kheer. Can be made with any variety of mangoes!

12. Coconut & Mango Panna Cotta
If you love coconut milk and mangoes then you must make this super simple and yummy chilled dessert that is really easy. The fact that it can be made ahead is a perfect reason why you should make it for your next party!

13. Mango Chutney 
Using up semi ripe mangoes was never this easy. This chutney is a great way of preserving them for later use. Tastes wonderful when spread on chapathis. Slather some more on two slices of bread to make a delicious sweet mango chutney sandwich!

14. Kosrache Lonche ~ Mangalorean Catholic Style Shredded Raw Mango Pickle
This has got to a favourite among many Mangaloreans I know. This pickle is made during the onset of summer when raw mangoes are in plenty. It tastes so wonderful when eaten with rice and dal or even simple rice congee (gruel)

15. No Bake Mango Cheesecake
Make this rich and creamy dessert when you are in the mood for some indulgence! The flavours of cream cheese and mango are simply a match made in heaven!

16. Mango & Saffron Rasayana 
This is one of the easiest desserts to make when you have guests on short notice. Some condensed milk and chopped mangoes are your answer to a delectable dessert.

17. Mango Truffle Cake
Chocolate and mangoes and cake. All my favourites in one single dish! Super simple and delicious dessert not just for a party but anytime you want to pamper yourself!


18. Yellu Bella ~ Sesame & Jaggery Juice
A rich source of magnesium, copper and calcium combined with a rich source of iron - in a single glass makes for a healthy thirst quencher for people of all ages!

19. Summer Surprise
A simple mocktail of pineapple and mango juices with a dash of honey to lift up your spirits!

20. Saunth Panak ~ Mangalorean Konkani Style Jaggery, Ginger & Pepper Drink
A very traditional drink made with dry ginger, jaggery and pepper can refresh you like no other - the healthy way!

21. Bonda Sharbath ~ Tender Coconut Sherbet
A popular Mangalorean drink that can put a lot of energy drinks to shame! Tastes super delicious when chilled!

22. Watermelon Blizzard
A healthy drink without any added sugar makes for a refreshing drink that looks absolutely beautiful when decked up in glasses of different shapes and sizes. A sure winner with kids!


23. Coconut Lime Kulfi
Coconut milk and lime - a spectacular combination of flavours to tantalize your tastebuds! Serve with with mangoes and you have a treat for your senses!

24. Avocado Coconut Popsicles
The goodness of avocados in a frozen form is a hit with kids! A non dairy recipe for our vegan friends

25. Bella Candy
If you've grown up in and around Mangalore then I am sure you've tasted these delightful jaggery based popsicles! These are simply my favourite and I wish I could go back in time to taste them again.