Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 34 - Crab Sukka Masala, Fried Fish, Daaliso Saar, Gosalem Thel Piyao & Rice


Folks, the much loved and very much in demand, boshi is back! As much as I would make it a weekly affair as I used to from the time I started this series, I am unable to, due to lack of time. I hope to get back on track in another few weeks. I have promised myself to make full fledged Mangalorean style meals at least once a week, for the pure satisfaction and sheer joy it gives! I am sure die hard Mangaloreans (irrespective of which community you belong to) will agree with this. There is no greater joy than to dig into a simple meal of piping hot rice served with two of your favourite types of seafood and some dal and perhaps a vegetable sauteed in basic spices. So for today it's the favourite of the hubby, cooked by himself ofcourse cuz I still can't eat crabs. The fried fish was made by me and so are the rest of the items you see on the plate. I hope this helps you plan your weekly menus. 

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1. Mangalorean Crab Sukka Masala
2. Surmai fried in basic spices
3. Daliso Saar
4. Gosalem Thel Piyao (without the coconut garnish but with a little turmeric added)
4. White Rice (no recipe)

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