Pachodi ~ Mangalorean Style Raw Mango Salad ~ When The Hubby Cooks!

Mangoes and the memories are like conjoined twins, aren't they? There is something that is so wonderful about that single whiff of a mango that can take you places, back in time. It is in some sense, a time machine that can transport you back to your childhood and back to everything you ever loved about it. Whenever I am greeted by a mango I just like to wrap my senses with its aroma and close my eyes to simply enjoy the memories. 

Today's recipe is a very simple one. It is made of raw mangoes chopped up and spiced up with some chilli powder. We used to have this a lot as kids, at home, eating leisurely during our summer holidays, sitting on the porch. Sometimes we sneaked in a steel dabba full of chopped up pieces of raw mango and mixed the rest of the ingredients (mostly without the onions as they really stank!) in school! During a boring lesson, the dabba would be passed around for anyone fond of raw mangoes. Seriously, those were the little pleasures of life. I don't recall ever getting caught for indulging in a mid afternoon snack such as this. 

The hubby was waiting for the mango season to start as he wanted to make this and enjoy it at home. So here's presenting the Mangalorean Pachodi ....not to be mistaken for 'pachadi' which is more like a chutney and is more native to the Kerala cuisine. 

Pachodi ~ Mangalorean Style Raw Mango Salad
Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time: Nil | Serves: 2

1. Wash the raw mango and pat it dry. Chop it up into small pieces (with the skin on). Transfer into a bowl.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients, start off with less of the spice powders (chilli and sambar) and increase it according to taste. 
3. Serve!

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