Mangalorean Plated Meal Series - Boshi# 35 - Meatball Curry, Fried Brinjals, Salad & Rice


Since my son is inclined towards eating dishes that revolve around minced meat, I have been experimenting with a lot of new recipes of late. When I finally ran out of ideas I went back to my collection of recipes on the blog and found something I had made years ago - Mangalorean style meatball curry. This one calls for coconut to be ground for the curry base but the end result is worth it! You could add store bought meatballs or make some yourself and freeze them for times when you want to make a meal in a jiffy. I have tons of them in the freezer and use them in batches! If you are hard pressed for time then this is something you can do whenever you are free. There are tons of recipes you can use meatballs in! I'll share some recipes soon!

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1. Mangalorean Meatball Curry. You can also try the recipe for meatballs here
2. Brinjal Fry (using basic bafat powder marination)
3. Fresh Salad
4. White Rice (no recipe)

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