Bread Mocha Trifle

The weather outside is frightful - in the real sense! Super hot weather with the mercury threatening to touch 50 degrees C as of today is only making me want to cool my heels indoors. While we had some respite from the heat last week, the temperatures are soaring once again since the past 48 hours. Now when you have kids begging to eat something fancy what do you do? Well, you don your baking attire and bake them some goodies (I have a huge backlog of recipes for you folks!) and then when you are tired of baking and all that cleaning up that ensues you don't to be in the kitchen at all! At times like these some simple and interesting recipes come to your rescue. I had bookmarked this particular recipe a couple of years ago from one of my favourite books 'Coffee, 100 Everyday Recipes' but got around to trying it out only on Monday - August 15th, India's Independence Day. I was in the mood to make something delicious yet simple and I cannot think of anything that fits the bill so perfectly! 

The best part about this recipe is that its a no cook recipe and can be made ahead of time. So if you want to serve it for a party, just put it together the previous day or a few hours before the party. Secondly, it is so easy to make that even your kids can make it with minimal supervision! Your life gets easier if you use readily available whipped cream or you can always use heavy cream (like Amul Fresh Cream if you live in India, Al Marai Fresh Cream if you live in the U.A.E). If the whipping doesn't happen as expected, don't worry, you can still layer the cream and wait for the magicto happen

If you are a die hard coffee lover this is a winner of a recipe, use the recommended quantity of the coffee granules. I used espresso granules which turned the dessert a tad bitter, so the next time I will stick to my favourite Bru instant coffee powder. You can use demerara sugar if soft brown sugar is not available, however do try to powder it a bit before using it as it may not dissolve completely and blend with the bread crumbs if you plan to chill the dessert only for a couple of hours. 

Last but not the least, if you love adding booze to your desserts for that extra kick, who am I to stop you? :-) Just use that coffee liqueur that you have been dying to use up! Add the liqueur, very little of course to the bread crumbs so that they soak it up well. 

Bread Mocha Trifle
Prep time: 15 mins | Cooking time: Nil | Chilling time: 2-3 hrs or overnight | Serves: 4-6


1. Whip the cream and vanilla extract in a large bowl till soft peaks appear. Keep aside
2. In another bowl mix the shredded bread, coffee granules, cocoa powder and sugar.
3. Layer the bread mixture and the whipped cream alternatively in 4  dessert or wine glasses. Divide equally. Reserve a little whipped cream to be layered on top just before serving.
4. Chill for 2-3 hours or overnight for best results
5. Sprinkle the grated chocolate just before serving.

1. You can use readily available whipped cream and skip the manual whipping. Use Amul Fresh Cream if you live in India or Al Marai Fresh Cream if you live in the UAE. I used the latter, about 3 tubs, an extra tub if you love extra cream on top.
2. Use coffee liqueur for that extra kick, but not if you are serving the dessert to kids.
3. Use your favourite instant coffee powder. I used espresso but the flavour is very intense and not suitable for those who like subtly flavoured coffee desserts.
4. Use your favourite wholemeal bread. I used wholemeal and rye bread that is super delicious and moist. Avoid multigrain breads that have seeds and nuts in them. Plain breads are fine too

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