The Party Menu Series! ~ Party Menu#1

Hi folks! Yesterday I randomly posted a few pictures of the special lunch I was making at home for some guests on Instagram and Facebook and I was greeted with an avalanche of positive comments! I have now decided to post similar collages of whatever I cook whenever I have guests which will pave the way for a brand new series called as 'The Party Menu'. This hopefully will give you ideas about what you can put together when you are having people over. I will also mention the number of people I cooked for and what categories of food I cooked and what kind of palates I was catering to something in the below format. However, this series will be fueled the parties I host at home - whenever that happens, so it won't be a very frequent thing for obvious reasons. 

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Party Menu #1 - Traditional Mangalorean Fare (well almost!)
Number of Guests: 2 adults and 1 child under 5

Category#1 : Breads (used to mop up the curries)
Sanna ~ Yeast fermented fluffy rice cakes/breads. Also called as Mangalorean idlis.
Prepared the quantity as per recipe above. Have tons of sanna leftover for dinner and next day's breakfast. 

Category#2 : Main course : Non Veg
Chicken Indad ~ Chicken in a sweetish thick gravy base 
Prepared 1 kg

Mutton Sukka ~ Mutton on the bone cooked with bafat spice blend and lots of grated coconut to make it a dry dish.
Prepared 1 kg

Category#3 : Main course: Rice
Sweet Pulao ~ Simple basmati rice cooked with whole spices and a blend of sugar and salt and garnished with fried onions, raisins and cashew nuts. 
Prepared using 2 cups (250ml measure) uncooked basmati rice 

Category#4 : Accompaniments: Veg
Kadai Chhole ~ Punjabi style chickpeas cooked in tea leaves and dried gooseberry and tempered with ghee and spices.
Prepared 2 cups (250 ml measure) dried chickpeas

Plum Chutney ~ A blend of an assortment of ingredients that gives result to a lip smacking riot of flavours that range from sweet, spicy and tangy.
Prepared as per recipe
Fresh Salad ~ Fresh cucumber and cooked beetroot slices - No recipe

Category#5: Dessert
Mango & Saffron Rasayana ~ A delicious, easy-peasy, no cook dessert that takes less than 5 mins to put together and can be served at room temperature or chilled. A big hit with kids and adults alike
Prepared as per recipe